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About This Journal. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining addresses the broad area of data analysis, including data mining algorithms, statistical approaches, and practical applications. Topics include problems involving massive and complex datasets, solutions utilizing innovative data mining algorithms and/or novel statistical approaches.

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Big Data Mining and Analytics. Big Data Mining and Analytics (Published by Tsinghua University Press) discovers hidden patterns, correlations, insig

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Background. The section introduces main data mining concepts, provides overview of existing data mining methodologies, and their evolution. Data mining is defined as a set of rules, processes, algorithms that are designed to generate actionable insights, extract patterns, and identify relationships from large datasets (Morabito, 2016).Data mining incorporates automated data extraction.

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Abstract and Figures. This work analyses the intellectual structure of data mining as a scientific discipline. To do this, we use topic analysis (namely, latent Dirichlet allocation, DLA) applied.

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Epidemic diseases can be extremely dangerous with its hazarding influences. They may have negative effects on economies, businesses, environment, humans, and workforce. In this paper, some of the factors that are interrelated with COVID-19 pandemic have been examined using data mining methodologies and approaches.

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Abstract. Data mining is the process of extracting hidden and useful patterns and information from data. Data mining is a new technology that helps businesses to predict future trends and behaviors, allowing them to make proactive, knowledge driven decisions. The aim of this paper is to show the process of data mining and how it can help.

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To take a holistic view of the research trends in the area of data mining, a comprehensive survey is presented in this paper. This paper presents a systematic and comprehensive survey of various data mining tasks and techniques. Further, various real-life applications of data mining are presented in this paper.

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Subgroup Discovery (SD) is a supervised data mining technique for identifying a set of relations (subgroups) among attributes from a dataset with respect to a target attribute. 1. Paper. Code.

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Probing the communication patterns of different chondrocyte subtypes in osteoarthritis at the single cell level using pattern recognition and manifold learning. Jiajian Wang. , Caihong Liu.


In this paper, we first assess the contribution of data mining to theory innovation from an epistemological view and discuss the rise of big data and its implications.. Data mining does not challenge the conventional model-building approach but plays an important complementary role in improving model goodness of fit, revealing valid and.

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The paper also focuses on the data mining strategies and processes in the current healthcare system in Bangladesh. This is a secondary source-based review paper. The methodology chosen for the.

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Data mining plays an important role in various human activities because it extracts the unknown useful patterns (or knowledge). Due to its capabilities, data mining become an essential task in large number of application domains such as banking, retail, medical, insurance, bioinformatics, etc. To take a holistic view of the research trends in the area of data mining, a comprehensive survey is.

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Exploration of data mining and machine learning in public health sector. 2011-2019: Investigation of medical data mining using VOSviewer and CiteSpace software. This paper: 1995-2020: A BPNA of data mining in healthcare: performance analysis, strategic themes, thematic evolution structure, trends and future opportunities using SciMAT software.

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RSS Feed. Data mining is the process of extracting potentially useful information from data sets. It uses a suite of methods to organise, examine and combine large data sets, including machine.