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Watch the latest Kdrama Save Me (2017) Full online with English subtitle for free on iQIYI | iQ.com. Set in a small village with a population of just 50,000, it tells the story of four unemployed young men who did not turn their backs on a woman's cry for help.

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"Save Me," the intense South Korean drama, stands as a compelling testament to the power of storytelling, delving into the gripping narrative of a small town ensnared by a manipulative.

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Seorang gadis muda datang ke kota kecil bersama keluarganya. Dan melalui peristiwa tragis terlibat dengan aliran sesat. Directors: Kim Sung Soo. Actors: Ok Taecyeon , Seo Yea-ji , Woo Do-hwan , Jo Sung-ha. My List. Streaming Save Me (2017) sub Indo Nonton Film & Serial Thriller Korea, dibintangi Ok Taecyeon, Seo Yea-ji, Woo Do-hwan, Jo Sung-ha.

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Save Me: With Jo Jae-yoon, Chun Ho-jin, Eom Tae-goo, Esom. A young girl coming to a small town with her family. And through tragic events getting involved with a religious cult.


Tonton online Drakor Save Me Episode 1 Sub Indo Terbaru iQIYI | iQ.com. Drama ini diawali dengan cerita sebuah keluarga yang terdiri dari Bapak, Ibu, dan anak kembar mereka (Sang Mi dan Sang Jin) yang menempuh perjalanan untuk pindah dari Seoul ke sebuah kota kecil bernama Muji. Di Kota kecil itu, keluarga mereka terus mengalami kemalangan, mulai dari masalah ekonomi, Sang Jin yang terus.

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Save Me Season 2. (2019) With their municipality scheduled to be flooded to make way for the construction of a new dam, the devout denizens of a rural village have placed their faith in Choi Gyung Seok, a church elder who promises to relocate the flock. Choi tells the villagers they will build a church and a new housing development where they.

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For a 16-episodes run, it needed a proper world building and foundation for the cult. Establishing a distinct "character" for the cult would have provided a stronger identity. Back to the outsiders, having the drama led by teenage characters was another weak aspect of it. Bland and cardboard characters.

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Synopsis. Save Me is a web-toon based thriller drama with a story of four young men who try to save one woman. One day, they face a woman in a dark alley who asks for their help. The woman turns out to be involved in a cult group. A sequence of horrifying tension-filled events follow the four young men.

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Directed by. Kim Sung-soo. South Korea, 2017. TV Series, Drama, Mystery, Thriller. 60. Synopsis. Save Me is about four young men who hear a woman's cry for help in an alleyway and respond to her request. They then end up becoming involved in fighting a mysterious religious cult that threatens to ruin the lives of the people around them. Synopsis.


Save Me. (2017) Following the failure of her father's business, Sang Mi and her family move to Muji-gun, where they have no friends or relatives. There she meets four young men, Han Sang Hwan, Seok Dong Cheol, Woo Jung Hoon, and Choi Man Hee. When Sang Mi and her family face some trouble, Spiritual Father Baek Jung Ki of Goosunwon offers to.


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Save Me (Korean Drama 2017) 구해줘 HanCinema The Korean Movie and Drama Database

May 19, 2020 Ilse Van Den Heede. For this week's K-Drama Review, I really wanted to talk about 'Save Me'. The drama came out in 2017 and was developed by Studio Dragon for OCN. I've never been let down by a Studio Dragon production so fingers crossed that I didn't just jinx myself. 'Save Me' is a series about a cult and the town.

Save Me (Korean Drama 2017) 구해줘 HanCinema The Korean Movie and Drama Database

Sinopsis Save Me. Drakor Save Me (구해줘) merupakan drama Korea misteri yang ditayangkan pada 5 Agustus sampai 24 September 2017 di OCN dengan total 16 episode. Prekuel dari "Save Me 2" ini disutradarai oleh Kim Sung Su dan ditulis naskahnya oleh Jung Shin Gyu. Serial drama yang didasarkan pada webcomic berjudul Out of the World (세상.

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Save Me 🙏🕰🚨: Four innocent yet brave fellows struggle to save their first love from a mad pseudo-religion.👇 Watch all episodes for FREE👇💟 Free Full Epi.

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Drama: Save Me (literal title) Revised romanization: Goohaejwoe Hangul: 구해줘 Director: Kim Sung-Su; Writer: Jo Geum-San (webcomic), Jung Shin-Gyu, Jung Yi-Do;. delgermaa Dec 12 2017 12:53 pm In my opinion this movie is the best Korean drama. i like Im Sang Mi so much. She is so beautiful and strongest person. I like her voice so much.